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The MediaPreserve is able to reformat audio, video, and film materials to meet your unique specifications and needs. We strive to provide optimum solutions. If you have a unique or rare format, we work with you to find a way to digitize it and make it accessible. Our experienced engineers closely monitor the digitization of all recordings.

Engineered Cleaning Process Preserves Recordings.

Engineers at The MediaPreserve have developed a process to clean tapes and film so recordings are not damaged during playback. This is especially useful when handling recordings damaged from fire, smoke, moisture, mold, or dirt or tapes exhibiting “sticky shed” syndrome.

Using scientific ovens accurate to a tenth of a degree, The MediaPreserve can reactivate the binder on magnetic recordings and prevent damage to the tape. This unique cleaning process allows us to safely digitize fragile recordings.

Our technicians clean most film elements ultrasonically using HFE-8200 engineered fluid, but films too fragile for machine cleaning will be cleaned by hand.

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