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Streaming Service Capabilities.

The MediaPreserve offers both “on demand” and “live” streaming options. Both are encrypted and secure to ensure that content can be accessed only by authorized individuals.

“On Demand” Streaming

The MediaPreserve provides a hyperlink, so you are able to click and access the content on you desktop any time you choose.

“Live” Streaming

The MediaPreserve streams video and audio live from the original source to your desktop. Using specially provided headsets, you can hear the same sounds as the engineers at The MediaPreserve. Via an appointment with our engineers, you are also able to remotely provide feedback and inject editing requests during the digitization process.

The quality of the video file is usually VHS picture quality with CD audio quality.

The quality of the audio file is CD audio quality.

The quality limitation of the streaming content is determined by your ability to receive high or low data rates. The MediaPreserve can customize the file size by adjusting the data bit rate to your broadband capability.

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