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Creating Premium Archival Masters.

The MediaPreserve creates high-quality digital archival masters and user-playback files from audio, video, and film formats.

Audio, Video, and Film Reformatting.

The MediaPreserve provides premier audio, video, and film reformatting tailored to your needs. We own a comprehensive collection of audio, video, and film equipment, expertly modified to access and reformat any historical format – including open-reel audio and video formats dating back to the 1950s and the 2-inch Quad, and a variety of film types, such as 16mm, 35mm, and Super8 and 8mm. Our studio contains both vintage equipment – to playback obsolete recordings - and the most modern technology to create high-quality digital output. Read more about specific audio, video, and film formats we support.

Leading Technology Yields Premium Archival Master.

Experienced engineers bring sophisticated technological solutions to bear every day. The MediaPreserve employs Cube Tec’s QUADRIGA – a technology that enables us to reformat multiple recordings at one time, while emphasizing audio quality and capturing extensive metadata. The result: a high-quality, efficient process at a substantial cost savings.

The MediaPreserve is equipped with the latest film transfer technology: MWA-Nova Flashtransfer with a built-in color correction system for film as well as a Rank-Cintel MK-III telecine and da Vinci 8:8:8 color corrector for 35mm. With our flashSCAN8 technology, we can offer a wide range of digital file choices at the lowest cost. Our film transfer machines have variable-speed playback to accommodate film shot at speeds other than 24 FPS.

We Bring the Studio to You. Customized Audio & Video Streaming.

Oftentimes, missing or unclear labels on vintage recordings make it difficult to know what the recording contains. Also, in some circumstances content needs to be modified and edited to remove background noise and produce the cleanest recording possible.

To allow you hands-on access, The MediaPreserve provides a streaming service for both audio and video formats enabling you to inject editing requests from your offices or other remote locations. You can arrange remote meetings with engineers at The MediaPreserve and listen to recordings “live.” Using headsets provided by The MediaPreserve, you can hear the same sounds as our engineers and provide direction remotely during the digitization process.

Highly advanced encryption provides secure communications and ensures that your valuable assets are safe. Sample our streaming service.

Metadata – Facilitating Access.

The MediaPreserve is able to capture comprehensive metadata – information about the recordings. Entirely searchable, this feature ensures that recordings are easy to find.

The MediaPreserve provides metadata designed to fit your needs and includes both descriptive and technical information. Our goal is to provide metadata in the format — including METS, MODS, Dublin Core, CDWA Lite and others — that works best for your library, archives, company, or industry. We can work with any existing schema. Read more about the metadata The MediaPreserve is able to provide.

Careful Restoration.

Engineers with decades of industry experience are able to restore your magnetic recordings and create the highest-quality digital master. The MediaPreserve provides a spectrum of restoration services, from emergency recovery of assets — damaged from water or fire — to basic repairs of recordings.

Your film assets receive equally meticulous treatment. They are inspected for signs of vinegar syndrome and mold as well as physical damage, such as shrinkage or weak splices. Following inspection, we will repair damage, reinforce splices, and attach leaders. Our technicians clean most film elements ultrasonically using HFE-8200 engineered fluid, but films too fragile for machine cleaning will be cleaned by hand.

For all your assets, our engineers can do necessary repairs and make sure that all work is extensively documented and pre-approved.

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