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An Audio Visual Laboratory.

The MediaPreserve boasts a state-of-the-art studio with a comprehensive collection of vintage equipment. Engineers at The MediaPreserve have a firm understanding of advanced scientific principles and continue to develop and hone practices based on leading research. We rely on the knowledge of experts in audio, video, and film reformatting, recording, production, logistics, engineering, and technology.

A Collection of Historic & Cutting-Edge Equipment.

The MediaPreserve acquired a comprehensive collection of historic playback equipment that spans the development of audio and video technology. Our collection includes Studer open-reel formats and Nakamichi cassette decks, the 2-inch Quad, Ampex’s AVR-3, EIAJ machines, and Sony’s U-matic, to name a few. All our equipment is modified to handle fragile and older media, enabling us to digitize analog and earlier formats.

The MediaPreserve is also equipped with the latest film transfer technology: MWA-Nova Flashtransfer with a built-in color correction system for film as well as a Rank-Cintel MK-III telecine and da Vinci 8:8:8 color corrector for all film types.

To create high-quality digital masters, The MediaPreserve utilizes high-tech digital equipment to bridge the gap from obsolete recordings to new masters.

Cutting-Edge Technology.

The MediaPreserve uses Cube-Tec’s QUADRIGA software suite to reformat multiple recordings at one time. QUADRIGA allows engineers at The MediaPreserve to fully monitor the digitization process — producing the highest-quality audio and capturing comprehensive metadata. The result: a high-quality, effective process at a substantial cost savings.

A Pristine Engineered Environment.

The MediaPreserve’s facility is designed by engineers to provide an optimum environment for media and includes specially designed studios for audio, video, and film capabilities. Each studio is a discrete, controlled environment with multiple humidity and temperature controls that maintain a constant temperature of 68 degrees and 45 percent humidity — optimum for all types of media.

Knowing Your Valuables Are Safe.

The MediaPreserve leverages Preservation Technologies’ extensive experience in ensuring the safety, security, and safe return of original materials. Providing an end-to-end logistics solution, The MediaPreserve employs a proven logistics process to handle your valuable assets. Each item is tracked with a unique bar code, allowing us to identify an item’s status from the time it leaves your institution to its safe return.

Our space and procedures were designed to maximize safety and security.

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